Our ESG Commitment

LFL Group strives to be an integral part of communities across Canada. We care about the people who work for us, the customers who shop in our stores, the places where all of us live, and the planet our children will inherit.

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Minimizing Our Impact

We ship products from around the world to homes across Canada. We make every effort to ensure that the manufacturing, transportation and storage activities are carried out in a sustainable and energy - efficient manner.


Our facilities are equipped with recycling equipment to ensure we divert waste and conserve other resources. In our Brick division alone, we achieved an overall diversion rate of 78% in 2020, including 87% in our distribution centres. The Brick’s recycling efforts conserved the equivalent of 29,988 cubic yards of landfill airspace, 48,777 mature trees, 16.2 million kw-hours of electricity, and 26.2 million gallons of water.

Supplier Audits

We conducted in-depth audits of our international supply chain to test for compliance with our contractual standards for labour and environmental practices. We are pleased to report that no suppliers stood in contravention to our agreements.

Sourcing Responsibly

We have implemented a responsible sourcing program and collaboration with suppliers and partners who share our values and support us in advancing positive impact and well-being. As our business grows, we will continue to leverage collective action to elevate our practices and drive industry improvements.

LFL Group Responsible Sourcing Program (EN)

Groupe LFL Programme de sourcage responsible (FR)

LFL Group Response Summary

Giving Back to Our

We are proud to support health and wellness initiatives across the country, and this past year has reminded us how much we all depend on those essential services.

With many of our stores temporarily closed for parts of 2020, we supplemented our fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network by staging our first-ever virtual event called “Cooking for Kids”. In combination with other initiatives highlighted by The Brick’s “Buy More, Save More, Give More” promotion, we raised a total of $467,000. This donation will help Children’s Miracle Network support children’s hospitals, medical research and community awareness.

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Protecting the Interests of All Stakeholders

We have implemented governance policies to help ensure that we consider the needs of multiple stakeholder groups. The Board of Directors is comprised of a majority of independent directors, who periodically meet without management and non-independent members present. The Board has adopted a written Code of Conduct to guide the activities of all directors, officers and employees, and closely monitors compliance.

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A Safe and Healthy Workplace

We follow all safety protocols and best practices to keep our associates healthy. Through our human resources policies, we strive to ensure that equal opportunities exist for all our associates and that our benefits and remuneration packages are designed to properly motivate our workforce.